Faith N Freedoms Conference_Flyer Update
  • Thursday Night Welcome Reception (Meet & Greet with Influencers/Pastors/Candidates) $59
  • Friday Speakers/Panels 9 AM - 5PM $59
  • Friday Night Chad Prather Concert $59
  • Saturday Speakers/Panels 9 AM - 5 PM $59
  • Saturday Night Cupcakes & Cocktails Event (Meet Influencers, Enjoy Music, Cupcakes) $59
  • Sunday Morning Revival w/Pastor Brian & Jessi Gibson with Special Guests $59
  • LIVE Q&A with Catturd

  • Speakers List Includes the Following Guests:
  1. Pastor Greg Locke
  2. Chad Prather
  3. Mindy Robinson
  4. Robby Starbuck
  5. Catturd
  6. Doni Anthony
  7. Dr. Cordie Williams
  8. Pastor Mark Burns
  9. Pastor Jessi Gibson
  10. Eric Matheny
  11. D.B. Fugate
  12. Sara Gonzales
  13. Dr. Karlyn Borysenko
  14. Gary Sheffield, Jr. 
  15. Patrick Howley
  16. Kambree Nelson
  17. Col. Rob Maness
  18. Kenny Lee
  19. Craig Sawyer
  20. Cjaye From Deplorable Choir
  21. Kyle Becker
  22. Michael Johns
  23. Ed Butowsky
  24. Landon Starbuck
  25. UFC HOF Pat Miletich
  26. Deanna Lorraine
  27. Tony Shaffer
  28. John Stubbins
  29. Joe Collins
  30. Monique Worthy
  31. Alex Stovall
  32. Elijah Schaffer
  33. Aja Smith
  34. Chris Lippe
  35. Bob Lancia
  36. Dr. Willie Montague
  37. Nicole Nogrady
  38. Buzz Patterson
  39. Eric Wnuck
  40. Alex Phillips
  41. Pastor Brian Gibson
  42. Matt Couch
  43. Pastor Dave Scarlett
  44. Pastor Lance Wallnau
  45. Jeff Dornik
  46. Dr. Jason Alexander Roberge
  47. Jovan Pulitzer
  48. Julie Westerfield
  49. Demani Felder
  50. Pastor Luis Cabrera

Faith and Freedoms Conference Itinerary


Thursday May 13, 2021

Session 1

6:00-12:00            Registration and Welcome Reception


Friday May 14, 2021

Session 2

8:30a                      Doors Open

9:00-9:10a            Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem – Nicole Nogrady

           Queue Faith Video

9:10-9:20a            Worship Team

9:10-9:20a            Welcome Message Faith – Pastor Brian Gibson

            Queue Freedom Video

9:25-9:35a            Welcome Message Freedom – Matt Couch

9:40-9:47a            Chris Lippe

9:47-9:55a            The Savvy Truth

9:55-10:02a        Jeff Dornik

------Break----- 10-15 mins

10:15-10:30a        Pastor Burns

10:30-10:45a        Bianca Gracia

10:45-11:15a        Panel – Constitution

            Host – Dr. Cordie Williams

                Craig Sawyer

                Chris Lippe

                Stephen Willeford

                Kellye Sorelle

11:15-11:30a          Patrick Howley

11:30-11:40a        John Stubbins

11:40-12:00p       Pastor Jessi Gibson

------Lunch Break------- 1 hour

1:05-1:25p            Eric Wnuck – President, We the People Alliance PAC (Head of the Arizona Audit)

1:25-2:00            Panel – Dallas Jewsish Conservatives discuss why more Jewish Americans aren’t conservatives

Host –     Ed Butowsky

                Rabbi Bentzi Epstein

                Aaron Cedar

                Yehuda Ramer


2:00-2:10p         Ret. Colonel Rob Maness


2:10-2:17p            Bobby Jeffries


2:17-2:23p            Monique Worthy


2:23-2:33p            Alex Phillips


2:33-2:50p            Dr. Cordie Williams


------Break----- 15 Mins


3:05-4:00            Faith Panel

                    Host – Pastor Brian Gibson

                    Pastor Burns

                    Pastor Locke

                    Pastor Scarlett

                    Pastor Jessi Gibson


                    Pastor Luis Cabrera

------Break----- 10 Mins

4:10-4:50            Big Tech Censorship

                    Host – Matt Couch

                    Pastor Brian Gibson

                    Mindy Robinson

                    Kenny Lee

                    Pastor Greg Locke

                    Joe Collins

                    Craig Sawyer

                    DeAnna Lorraine

                    Sara Gonzales

                    Dr. Cordie Williams

4:50-5:00            TUVU Announcing new social media platform to change the game

5:00-5:10p           Gary Sheffield Jr.

5:10-5:30p            Chad Prather


-------Session 2 ends -------


6:30p                      Doors open for Session 3 

7:50-8:10pm        Bob Dunlap – Comedian

8:15-11:00pm      Chad Prather and the Ragamuffins Gospel Choir

-------Session 3 ends-------


Saturday May 15, 2021

Session 4

9:00-9:10a        Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem – Raquita Harper

9:10-9:25a           Worship Team

9:25-9:40a           Pastor Dave Scarlett

9:40-9:47a           DB Fugate

9:47-9:57a            Eric Matheny

9:57-10:02a         Doni Anthony

10:02-10:12p       Mindy Robinson

        ------Break----- 15mins

10:27-10:33a        Aja Smith

10:33-10:40a       Victor Avila

10:40-10:47a       Dr. Karlyn Borysenko

10:47-10:57a        Tony Shaffer

10:57-11:57a          Panel – Against the Grain – Conservative Minorities    

Host –    Sara Gonzales

                Dr. Willie Montague

                Bianca Gracia

                Joe Collins

                Pastor Luis Cabrera

                Gary Sheffield Jr.

                DB Fugate

                Raquita Harper

                Damani Felder

                Aja Smith

                Patricia Flores

------Lunch Break------- 1 hour 

1:00-1:20p            Pastor Greg Locke

1:20-1:30p            Elijah Schaffer

1:30-1:37p            Robby Starbuck

1:45-2:30p        Panel – Conservative Women

            Host – Pastor Jessi Gibson

                Kambree Nelson

                Landon Starbuck

                Mindy Robinson

                Sara Gonzales

                Deanna Lorraine

                Aja Smith

                Nicole Nogrady

                Dr. Karlyn Borysenko

                Doni Anthony

                Julie Westerfield


2:30-2:40p           Jovan Pulitzer

2:40-2:52p            Damani Felder

2:52-3:00p            Landon Starbuck

3:00-3:30p            Live from the Litterbox with Catturd

------Break----- 10 mins

3:40-3:52p            Craig Sawyer

3:52-4:25p            Panel – Woke Military

                Host – Truthslingers BeardVet and MagaBeard

                Bob Lancia

                Col Rob Maness

                Pastor Dave Scarlett

                John Stubbins

                Craig Sawyer

                DB Fugate

                Craig Sawyer

                Dr. Cordie Williams


4:25-4:32p            DeAnna Lorraine

4:32-4:39p            Sara Gonzales

4:39-4:46p            Bob Lancia

4:46-5:16p            Panel - Border Security and Human Trafficking

                Host – Landon Starbuck

                Craig Sawyer

                Elijah Schaffer

                Bianca Gracia

                Victor Avila

                Pastor Jessi Gibson

                Pastor Luis Cabrera

5:16-5:23p            Joe Collins

5:23-5:35p            Matt Couch and Pastor Brian Gibson – Closing remarks

-------Session 4 ends -------


6:30p                Doors open for Session 5

7:30-10:30pm            Cupcakes and Cocktails

                Emcee – Dr. Cordie Williams

-------Session 5 ends-------

Sunday Morning Revival Service hosted by Pastor Brian & Jessi Gibson with special guests Lance Wallnau, Pastor Dave Scarlett, and other special guests. 

Doors Open at 9:00a 

Praise and Worship 9:30-10:00a

Sunday Morning Revival 10:00a-11:30a

--------Session 6 ends--------